****** Hand in hand advances together & Altogether creates the future******

     Wuxi LRE Louyu Engineering – wholly owned by Singapore Letterston is an authorized professional paint manufacturer in mainland China. After practiced our business strategies and product research for over 10 years, we proudly introducing the new generation of eco-green product to China market, since then our business has step into a brand new stage. In return, our products have been widely used and well-known in the both industrial and civil aspects.

    Our wide range product selection including all serial of Letterston paint such as:

Elastomeric texture coating, Elastomeric & Insulation coating, TF110 mosaic and tile reconstruct coating, Metal repair & protection coating, Artistone granite coating, Water-proofing coating, Multi-color floor hardener and epoxy floor system, Abrasion resistance and elastomeric floor system etc.,

     All products are comply national and eco-green standards. In addition, we also provide all kinds of tech support to our partners

 Partnership and development

Letterston paint serving both professional and DIY market. Wuxi LRE has a number of distributors all over the nation. We sincerely invite you to join us.

As Leading company in the market,after 10 years developmetn, Wuxi LRE have both experience and strength. Our expertise supports and benefits every our distributors. Choice Letterston Paint is equally choice a good teammate, and we learn from each other.

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