Wuxi L.R.E. superiority lies in the specialized brandand specialized constructs an entire set of system perfect union,achieved best spreads plays the part of the effect 

The coating is a half-finished product, must truly manifest itsperfect performance effect, must set a higher request to theconstruction side. Perhaps everybody can spread the feeding trough toopen, spreads with the brush brushes the wall surface. But must face aproject, this will be a system work. If does not have the well-trainedprofessional, does not have between the different classes of work themutual coordination, will be unable perfectly to complete a coatingproject implementation. As the specialized construction company, wemay coordinate the building business to the outer wall design proposalto propose the feasible opinion, carries on the partial tiny minute design with the design institute, similarly whitewashes in thequality in the construction basic unit we to be possible to help youto supervise the inspection to whitewash the quality. To in the outerwall construction correlation specialized question, we may help youfrom the specialized angle to analyze the solution.

Company project technology department manager: Mr. Huang Zhiwei wholeheartedly welcome the social persons from all walks of life tovisit this website, is willing to discuss the exchange together withyou 

  Our recent development

 As solo manufacturer, Wuxi LRE paint factory produces all Letterston products in mainland China, and is under the supervision of our Singapore head-quarter.

Wuxi LRE is currently in the initial step to cooperate with Singapore ROLASHADES Co, which specialized in manufacturing, install and distributing electrical curtains over more than 20 years.
Wuxi LRE is also project to rent our architectural equipment with Singapore SANTE Co.
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